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This contemporary stained glass panel is based on a record label logo. The Jezus Factory was formed in 2006 and is an independent UK record label that specializes in Belgian and particularly Antwerp music and it's their logo on which this panel is based. I chose it for the striking image and the colour which I thought would translate well into glass. The image features not one but five images of Jesus! The first part of the process is to draw out the glass design adding in the lead lines that will hold the glass pieces together. This drawing is the template used to cut each glass piece. The image features not one but five images of Jesus! The background colour of this piece is blue with textured glass used for Jesus' robes. The transparent glass used for part of the robe has a slightly holographic shimmery effect to it. The face, feet and hands have been hand-painted.  These painted pieces  are then fired in a kiln to ensure that the paint is permanent on the glass. If it's not fired paint can be easily removed. Once all the pieces have been cut and painted the glass is ready to assemble.  I use the more traditional method of leading the glass together. The lead needs to be soldered so that it holds and then a light layer of glass cement is applied which ensures that the piece is solid. As with all stained glass the pieces look best in front of a window - the light shining through brings the piece to life and the colours pop!The piece measures approx 28cms wide x 25cms tall. A hanging chain can be added (please state). This is one of a kind! Price includes UK postage. 

Jezus Lives Stained Glass

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