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This panel is based on a woodcut from 1500. Size is 31x20xms (w). Hooks are soldered on for hanging purposes. Price includes UK postage. Please enquire for postal cost outside the UK.

The images around Christ are as follows: starting top left to right

The mocking soldier

Peter’s cockerel

Veronica’s cloth

The high priest

Pontus Pilate

The pelican in its piety

Christ’s seamless garment

The hammer and pincers

The clubs and swords used in the arrest of Christ

The thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas

The three dice with which the soldiers played for Christ’s cloak

The nails

The chalice and host

The jar of vinegar

The jars of spices and ointments

The hand pulling Christ’s hair

The ladder of the crucifixion

The birches used for flogging

The column, rope and scourges

Pilate’s basin

The lantern used in the arrest of Christ

The hand that slapped Christ in the face in front of the High Priest

To the left of Christ: the spear that pierced his side

To the right of Christ: the stick with a sponge dipped in vinegar

Inscription reads: To them that before this ymage of pyte deuoutly say fyue Pater noster fyue Aueys & a Credo pytously beholdyng these armes of xps (Christ’s) passyon ar graunted XXXII M. VII. C. & LV. yeres of pardon

Image of Pity

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