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This contemporary stained glass piece is based on an album cover for American artist - Childish Gambino - otherwise known as Donald Glover. The album is titled Awaken My Love and was released in 2016. The original artwork for the album cover featured a model in a beaded head-dress. The head-dress is made up of sections of glass that each have a light purple paint applied to the glass stripes. To make theses pieces, a life size drawing of the image is made, and this is used to cut all the glass pieces (bit like a jigsaw puzzle). Some of the glass pieces are painted - these then have to be fired in a kiln. Unless they are fired, the paint is easy to remove. Once all the glass is cut and fired - it's ready for leading.  The lead has to be soldered together and a light coat of glass cement is added so that there are no gaps and the piece is solid. Finally the piece is cleaned and the lead polished. Each album cover glass is the size of an album cover at approx 30x30cms too.Any glass piece works best when placed in front of a window so that the colours pop and the finished article comes to life! Cost includes UK delivery. 

Childish Gambino Album Cover

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