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This stained glass panel is based on a music album cover by the band Talk Talk. The album - The Very Best of Talk Talk was released in 1997 and the image features a canary in a cage surrounded by images from nature - leaves, a moth, flies and worms. There are only two colours of glass used here - grey and eye-popping yellow. The pieces of glass that are painted need to be fired in a kiln to ensure that the paint remains permanently on the glass - until it's fired it can easily be removed. The bars of the cage are a combination of paint and also lead. 
The glass is then leaded and soldered together and a layer of cement applied.
As with all stained glass, it is best placed in front of a window where the light shining through brings the piece to life and allows the colours to pop.
Size is approx 29cms (h)  x 34cms (w). Price includes UK delivery.

Canary in a Cage

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